Intulac™ Ultra Top Coat (Matt)

Fire protective / decorative varnish system for interior wood.
Pack sizes
  • 500ml
  • Matt finish

Product overview

Bollom Intulac™ Ultra Top Coat is applied over Bollom Intulac™ Ultra Varnish Base Coat to provide a Class 0 fire rated protective / decorative varnish system for interior wood. It is easy to apply and ideal for use in communal areas.

The Bollom Intulac™ Ultra varnish system provides a high performance fire protection coating system for interior wood surfaces. It comprises a clear, transparent, water-based intumescent base coat – designed to form a protective carbon char in the event of fire, delaying the inflammation of the wood – and a clear, transparent, solvent-based protective top coat (available in Matt and Satin finishes).

It dramatically reduces the ignitability of soft and hard woods and other wood derivatives including plywood, chipboard, fibre insulation board, hard board and veneer (less than or equal to 12mm thick).

It also insulates against heat, inhibits spread of flame and diminishes flue gas density and flue gas temperature.

Bollom Intulac™ Ultra Protective Top Coat must be applied over Bollom Intulac™ Ultra Intumescent Base Coat.

Drying time: At approx. +20oC temperature and 60%  relative humidity: through dry after 6 hours. Only apply Bollom Intulac Ultra Protective Top Coat over Bollom Intulac Ultra Base Coat after approx. 48 hours.

Key features and benefits

  • Class 0 fire rating when applied over Bollom Intulac™ Ultra Intumescent Base Coat.
  • Simple 3 coat system to achieve Class 0
  • Single pack products so no mixing required
  • For all hard and soft woods and most wood derivatives
  • Ideal for communal areas
  • Protects and highlights the natural beauty of wood
  • Can be used over previously varnished surfaces (with sound adhesion)
  • Easy to apply, single-pack system (no mixing necessary)

Application information


25m² per litre

Touch dry
1.5 hours
Hard dry
6 days