Fire Protection For Timber

Intulac™ Ultra Intumescent Basecoat

Bollom Intulac™ Ultra Varnish Basecoat is a high performance fire protection coating for interior wood surfaces. Use with a protective Intulac™ Satin or Matt Finish Top Coat to complete the protective coating system.

Flameguard™ Ultra Primer / Undercoat

A specialist adhesion promoting, stain blocking primer / sealer for use on non-combustible surfaces. Intended for use as a Base Coat for Flameguard™ Ultra Top Coats.

Flameguard™ Ultra (Acrylic Eggshell)

Flameguard™ Ultra (Acrylic Eggshell) is a Class 0 rated protective and decorative top coat for interior walls and trim. It is as easy to use as conventional paints and provides a high quality durable finish.

Broflame™ Ultra Basecoat

When used in conjunction with Flameguard™ Ultra this Decorative thin film intumescent base coat delivers a Class 0 rating over solid timber, timber-faced boards and particle boards.